Tarpoline Tent Cover for Cargo Truck

Tarpoline Tent Cover for Cargo Truck

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Barani Tarpaulin of Canopy Hut Technical Fibres

Introducing Barani, the ultimate solution for shelter fabrics by Canopy Hut. Designed to protect your cargo from harsh climatic conditions, this product is made of high-grade PVC and is 100% waterproof and highly UV-resistant. Barani is suitable for a wide range of applications such as waterproofing, dustproofing, and covering.

With Barani, you can enjoy a range of features such as wind stability, high wind resistance, and high tear resistance. The strong eyelets make it easy to secure and customize the size as per your requirement. Additionally, Guru is available in multiple colors to suit your specific needs.

One of the unique features of Barani is its easy repairability, ensuring long-lasting use. Compared to HDPE tarpaulins, Barani boasts three times longer life, making it a reliable and cost-effective solution for your shelter needs.

100% waterproof Keep the rain out and enjoy your outdoor space, come rain or shine.
Highly UV resistant Protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful UV rays.
Wind stable and resistant Canopy Fabrics can withstand even the strongest winds.
High tear resistance Durable and built to last.
Easily repairable No need to worry about minor tears or damage.
High abrasion resistance Stands up to everyday wear and tear.
Wide range of colors and customized sizes Find the perfect fit for your unique needs.
Dustproof Keep your outdoor space clean and free of dust.

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